The spiritual rebirth of the individual, a moral regeneration of the human family, and an ecological rejuvenation of planet earth together constitute the three-fold vision and mission of Navasrushti International Trust. Members of NIT will ever strive fearlessly, tirelessly and prayerfully to transform themselves and this world into a 'Navasrushti' of love, unity and peace. The eternal values of satya, ahimsa, tyaga and seva (truth, non-violence, sacrifice and service) that are common to world religions will serve as the corner stones of this 'Navasrushti' of our vision. In the 'Navasrushti' of our vision a joyful and peaceful divine presence will be felt within and among people everywhere. The Spirit of the 'One True God' will live in the hearts of people, and they shall be His/Her children of light and love. In place of the old selfish, greedy, lustful and violent human nature, there will emerge a new humanity shining forth in the light of divine love. There will be no more poverty, hunger, injustice, exploitation and violence on earth. Abiding peace and abundant joy will fill the hearts of people. In the 'Navasrushti' of our vision parents will be loved and respected by their children. Teachers will be held in high esteem by all. Youth will be strong, creative, dynamic and courageous. Womanhood and motherhood will be respected and cherished as God's living and loving presence in human history.
Vision & Mission

The spiritual rebirth of the individual, the moral regeneration of the human family, and the ecological rejuvenation of planet earth together constitute the three-fold vision and mission of Navasrushti International Trust.
The declared aim of NIT is – 'To promote national regeneration of India and help to usher in a civilization of love and culture of peace in the world based on the eternal, moral and spiritual values common to all religions'.

Aim & Objectives

The mission and aim of Navasrushti International Trust (NIT) is to promote national regeneration of India and help to usher in a civilization
of love and culture of peace in the world based on the moral and spiritual values common to all religions.

NIT will strive to achieve its aim inter alia by:

1. Establishing a Dharma Bharathi Global Open University of Peace and Value Education (DBGOU) in the form of a network of autonomous Dharma
Bharathi Institutes based on the 'Dharma Bharathi' system of 'Peace & Value Education' developed and authored by the Founder of the Trust.

2. Translating into action the 'Commitment to Global Peace' signed at the United Nation by the religious and spiritual leaders of the world at the
end of the 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' in which the Founder of the Trust was a delegate and signatory.

3. Developing and transforming the National Regeneration Movement initiated by the Founder of the Trust during the Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence into a powerful Second Freedom Struggle for economic, social and moral freedoms of India as envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi.

4. Supporting the various Organizations, Institutions and Movements initiated by the Founder of the Trust for national regeneration and global

5. Organising and conducting Meditation Programmes, Training Courses, Seminars, Satsangs etc. to promote a civilization of love and a culture
of peace in the world.

6. Developing 'Eco-Spiritual Tourism','Eco-Spiritual Tourism Centers' and establishing an International Academy of Eco-Spiritual Tourism to
promote ecological well-being of Planet Earth and spiritual regeneration of humankind.

7. Initiating and managing Organisations, Institutions, Movements etc. for a civilization of love and culture of peace in the world.

Our NGO Partners

A number of organizations, institutions and movements are collaborating with the various bodies of NIT in the Second Freedom Struggle of India. These are included under the title ‘NGO Partners’.
         1      Adore Charities
         2      AIESEC
         3      Bombay Chartered Accountants Society
         4      Bombay City Red Cross Society
         5      Ekta Parishad
         6      ITM College
         7      I Volunteer - Mumbai
         8      Kabir Peace Mission

         9      P. N. Singh, Foundation
         10    PCGT
         11    Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust
         7      Shri Harihariputra Bhajan Samaj
         8      Sir Vithaldas Thackersay Charitable Society

         9      Vatsalya Trust
         10    Vadanta Foundation

Philosophy and Spiritualiy of NIT

            The Newtonian-Cartesian worldview resulted in a divorce between the secular and the sacred, between the physical and the spiritual, between science and religion, between matter and mind, and between the masculine and the feminine. This dichotomy in the perception of reality is being gradually overcome in the present era by a holistic ecological worldview based on an integral vision of life and reality. The modern world is witnessing a ‘millennium leap’ forward in the evolutionary growth of  human consciousness. We are now coming to realize that creation is an ‘interdependent organic whole in the form of a network of relationships’. A new holistic ecological paradigm based on a synthesis of science and spirituality is being accepted by the deep-thinking minds of the world as an imperative for the very survival of humankind on  this planet which is our common habitat in space. The secular and the sacred are being seen as the two sides of reality. India is called to be a crucible and seedbed for the emerging new holistic ecological paradigm.
         Our character, life and worldview are deeply influenced by the ‘God’ we worship. We become a new creation, navasrushti, whenever there is a new and deeper understanding of the ‘One True God’. A correct understanding of the ‘One True God’ is essential for the evolutionary growth of human spirit and consciousness. ‘Eternal life is knowing the One True God’ who can be understood and worshipped as the ‘Light’ that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul. The ‘One True God’ can also be understood, experienced  and worshipped as a ‘Holy Trinity’ of Spirit-Light-Love or as  ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’.  Christianity refers to this Trinitarian God as ‘Father-Son-Holy Spirit’. However, all religions acknowledge that the ultimate truth is a ‘Supreme Spirit’.
         Creation, as we see it, is the self-expression of the ‘One True God’ bound with space and time which are the two sides of visible reality. It is ‘an interdependent organic whole in the form of a network of relationships’ as understood by modern science. Planet Earth itself is being seen no more as something that is to be conquered and ruled over, but as a ‘Mother’ whose environment and natural resources are to be protected and preserved with care and concern. Mother Earth is a common mother to all living beings. Her health and vitality will depend on the health and vitality of all her children who together constitute an ‘Earth Family’. This ‘Earth Family Consciousness’ is the basis of the new holistic ecological paradigm that is necessary for the further evolutionary growth of human spirit and consciousness.
         Human beings are constituted as matter-life-mind-spirit entities. Humankind is the crowning glory of creation in whom matter gains dynamism and becomes alive and conscious, and the spirit displays its divine nature and potential. Thus humankind is called and destined to serve as a conduit and catalyst for spiritualization of matter and divinisation of the material world. This is the divine mission entrusted to every human person in this world. This can be fulfilled only through true love which is ever forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing. This path of true love  is termed ‘Sahana Yoga’.
         ‘Sahana Yoga Mukti Marga’ (forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing love is the path of liberation) is the spiritual law ever operating in human history and at the heart of creation. This eternal truth was taught and demonstrated at its best to the world by Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. Lord Jesus the Christ is thus the ‘Sadguru’ of  Sahana Yoga  in whom the truth of Sahana Yoga is embodied and through whom the truth of Sahana Yoga is manifested. Divinity and humanity met and the human spirit displayed its divine potential in Sadguru Jesus the Christ. In, with and through his living spirit the divine destiny of humanity is revealed and fulfilled. The Sadguru Spirit/Consciousness can also be referred to as ‘Christ Spirit/ Consciousness’.  This Christ Spirit/Consciousness is developed by adhering to the sadhana (spiritual path) of ‘Sahana Yoga’ at all times and in all matters. Hence, he is the ‘standard’ and ‘first born’ in humanity’s quest for growth in Christ Spirit/Consciousness through ‘Sahana Yoga’. Sadguru Jesus the Christ is thus the ‘incarnation’ of the ‘One True God’ in human history.
         Religions, scriptures, rituals, sacraments, sages and saints as well as philosophy, science, technology, economics and politics etc. are there only to help humankind in fulfilling its one and only divine mission in this world,  that of spiritualization and divinisation of the material world following the path of ‘Sahana Yoga’ as taught and demonstrated to the world by Sadguru Jesus the Christ. However, each person is called to select a specific field of activity based on his/her own talents, potentials, qualifications and resources for fulfilling his/her destined role in this common divine mission of love. Life on earth is to be seen as a pilgrimage from the womb to the tomb. It is subject to a continuous process of growth and outgrowth. An ideal human life in this world can be divided into four stages – the stage of studentship and preparation (Brahmacharya Ashrama), the stage of married family life generating wealth and enjoying pleasures (Grahastha Ashrama), the stage of social commitment rendering selfless service to the society with a sense of gratitude (Sevana Ashrama) and the stage of  renunciation and preparation for the final departure from this world (Sanyasa Ashrama). This ‘Cahturashrama Parampara’ (four-stage tradition) makes life on earth ever dynamic and challenging. It is derived from the ancient wisdom of India which can help to show a way out of the moral and spiritual crises facing humanity today.
         The four-fold objectives of human life (Purushartha)  on earth is understood by the enlightened masters of India as ‘dharma’ (righteousness), ‘artha’ (wealth), ‘kama’ (pleasures) and  ‘moksha’ (heaven). Dharma, righteousness, has to be the basis of everything we say or do in this world. It is essential for a fruitful and meaningful life. Artha and kama are not to be rejected. Wealth is to be generated and pleasures are to be enjoyed based on right values.
One has to work honestly to generate the necessary  wealth without sacrificing values and harming Mother Earth and other living beings. We need to support ourselves from our own labour. We also need to help other members of the human family who are not able to work and support themselves. This is our moral responsibility as members of the human family. However, heaven, eternal life, will have to be the ultimate goal of our earthly sojourn and efforts. This dynamic and holistic philosophy of life is the best contribution of India to humankind.
         The ‘Chaturashrama Parampara’ and the ‘Purushartha’ as outlined above together can provide a strong and dynamic philosophical foundation for fulfilling the purpose of human life on earth. ‘Sahana Yoga’ will provide the most effective non-violent spiritual path to liberate oneself and others from the forces of injustice, corruption and exploitation, and to transform ourselves and this world into the Navasrushti of our vision.
         History and destiny bear testimony to the truth that India is called to serve as a divine instrument for the emergence of an Integrated World Order which in turn will usher in a civilization of love and culture of peace on earth. In order to empower and enable India to fulfill her this divine destiny, she needs to be awakened from the deep slumber that she has fallen into at present. This ‘Yuga Dharma’ demands a three-pronged strategy of awakening the woman power, awakening the youth power and awakening the people power in India. Awakening the women power, awakening  the youth power and awakening the people power also have to be the three-pronged strategy of the much needed ‘Second Freedom Struggle’ of India.

‘Begin with self, begin today and begin small’