Navasrushti International Trust was founded by Acharya Guru Swami Sachidananda Bharathi and was registered on 8th September 2005 as the controlling organization for all regenerative movements initiated by him. It was registered in Kerala with a global coverage. The registered office of 'Navasrushti International Trust' is Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Mulanthuruthy, Kochi. Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Air Force Officer turned seeker of truth and promoter of peace. Membership of Navasrushti International is open to all peace loving people of good will above 18 years of age, from all over the world, who are in full agreement with the aims and objectives of the Trust.

          The shining sun at the center represents the Essential Truth which is the light that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul. The triangle represents the Trinitarian God of Spirit-Light-Love (Sat-Chit-Ananda). The blue circle represents the Godhead, the ‘One Supreme Spirit’ beyond names and forms, which is the ultimate Truth.

Contributions to NIT is subject to Incom Tax rebate, under section 80G of the IncomTax Act
Tyagarchana Shanti Mission (TSM)

“Renunciation and service are the twin ideals of India. Intensify her on those channels and the rest will take care of itself.”
                                                                                                                                                                    - Swami Vivekananda
‘Tyagarchana Shanti Mission’ (TSM) is the first interreligious mission within the Integral Revolution which is a revolution of love and peace for building a spiritually awakened, morally regenerated, economically prosperous and politically strong great new India that will be a Mother of love and Princess of peace in the world family of nations.
               TSM aims to promote spiritual unity and peace in India through interreligious cooperation, and thus, to lay a strong socio-spiritual foundation for the success of Integral Revolution in the country .
              Without unity and peace in the country the Integral Revolution cannot grow and bear fruit in the Indian soil. In the multi-religious milieu of India this is an interreligious mission.

‘Begin with self, begin today and begin small’