Navasrushti International Trust was founded by Acharya Guru Swami Sachidananda Bharathi and was registered on 8th September 2005 as the controlling organization for all regenerative movements initiated by him. It was registered in Kerala with a global coverage. The registered office of 'Navasrushti International Trust' is Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Mulanthuruthy, Kochi. Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Air Force Officer turned seeker of truth and promoter of peace. Membership of Navasrushti International is open to all peace loving people of good will above 18 years of age, from all over the world, who are in full agreement with the aims and objectives of the Trust.

          The shining sun at the center represents the Essential Truth which is the light that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul. The triangle represents the Trinitarian God of Spirit-Light-Love (Sat-Chit-Ananda). The blue circle represents the Godhead, the ‘One Supreme Spirit’ beyond names and forms, which is the ultimate Truth.

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Arif Mohammed Khan, Hon. Gov. of Kerala Date: 25 Sept 2019
Visiting Dharma Bharathi Ashram was a great experience, met so many people who display compassion and sensitivity for others - doing great work.It was spiritually elevating.

Ambassador K P Fabian, IFS (Retd) Date: 25 August 2019
Indeed a heart-worming experience to visit the ashram where peace and tranquility prevail.

Fr. Praful Kujur Date: 27 July 2018
Thanks to Almighty God for bringing me to this ashram. I was so much enlightened by the little visit to this ashram and to Swamiji. I pray that the work may continue and the Kingdom of God may come true.

Vijay Kumar Taniparti Date: 29 March 2018
A trinquil and green setting to the ashram drawing and wanting for you to keep coming back again and again. Swamiji's graciousness and awakened path providing for many a fruitful interactions.

Abin Jose Tom & Jilu Joseph Date: 28 March 2018
Such a wonderful experience. After a long time we could be in a serene and peaceful environment. Also, enjoyed the hospitality.

Margit Spath Date: 25 Feb 2015
Many thanks to Swamiji for having this place. Coming here after a long time. Very happy to meet with Swamiji, Vinay and Sisters. .

Sunil Joshi Date: 9 Dec 2014
It was wonderful to be here. The experience of forgiveness & reconciliation was great. The vision of Swamiji needs to be strengthened by all of us.

R U Human Date: 6 Feb 2014
Thanks for an excellent interaction with the Swamiji.

Dr. T S Joy Date: 28 Dec 2013
It is a lovely & spiritual place. Very rare at present. I hope the life of Ashram spread all over India.

Mr.Errol & Mrs. Meera D'Souza Date: 6 Nov 2013
It was a dream to visit the Ashram. May the spirit of love, service & peace always radiate from here.

Fr. Dr. O Thomas, Vice-chancellor, Concordia Open University Date: 10 Oct 2013
Swamiji's service is fulfilling the Word of God for the entire humanity.

Rakesh K Mittal, IAS (Rted Date: 27 August 2013
It has been a great pleasure to be here for a day. Discussion with many friends in general and Swamiji in particular has been very enriching and paved the way for future approach to serving the socety. Visit to such places also give insight into the unity in India's diversity and reinforces love for the country. I feal greatful for all the care given to me here.

Vijay Kumar Chopra,   ‘Ram Parivar’, Nagpur,  M.S

“ It was definitely God’s grace that I came to this holy Ashram. I had wonderful experience in my spiritual pursuit in company with Poojniya Swamiji. Hospitality of Mataji Prabhujyothi is a thing to relish. Exemplary to mention to others. I pray sincerely for this Ashram to be a landmark in Kerala for Truth seekers who wish to quench their thirst in spirituality in union with God. …………………...With all the best……”
Vijay Kumar Chopra

Swami Bodhendra Thirtha,  Ananda Dham Ashram, Kollam, Kerala Date: 23 Sept 2010

“We could have the ‘darshan’ of a blessed soul in Swami Sachidananda Bharathi who has courageously consecrated his  heart, mind and whole being to create a new world based on the legacy of a great and rich cultural stream without any beginning, and hence without an end, ancient yet eternally new.”
Swami Bodhendra Thirtha

Caroline Tanaede, 18 bisrue de Bruxlles, Paris Date: 9 March 2010

“ Thanks very much for this marvelous place. So peaceful and friendly. And thank you for your advice of wisdom..”
Caroline Tanaede

Sr. Leola, B.S, Kripalay, Dharwar, Karnataka Date: 23 March 2010
“Peaceful, prayerful atmosphere. God’s presence felt & enjoyed. God bless all those who take shelter here. Thanks..”

Sr. Leola

Dr. Lily & Dr. George Neelankavil, T-73, Chennai
“A very special spiritual Ashram accomplishing great nationally & internationally significant mission. We really had an inspiring & growing experience.  Thank you for the simply wonderful hospitality. ”

Dr. Lily & Dr. George Neelankavil

‘Begin with self, begin today and begin small’

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