Navasrushti International Trust was founded by Acharya Guru Swami Sachidananda Bharathi and was registered on 8th September 2005 as the controlling organization for all regenerative movements initiated by him. It was registered in Kerala with a global coverage. The registered office of 'Navasrushti International Trust' is Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Mulanthuruthy, Kochi. Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Air Force Officer turned seeker of truth and promoter of peace. Membership of Navasrushti International is open to all peace loving people of good will above 18 years of age, from all over the world, who are in full agreement with the aims and objectives of the Trust.

          The shining sun at the center represents the Essential Truth which is the light that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul. The triangle represents the Trinitarian God of Spirit-Light-Love (Sat-Chit-Ananda). The blue circle represents the Godhead, the ‘One Supreme Spirit’ beyond names and forms, which is the ultimate Truth.

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Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Kochi

               ‘Dharma Bharathi Ashram in Mulanthuruthy village near Kochi in central Kerala was founded in 2003 in a 1.72 acre plot of land gifted by a NRI couple, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Iype, for this purpose. Another adjacent plot measuring 65 cents was bought and gifted by late Ms. Prisca Vanissery, a retired nurse from USA.
               Dharma Bharathi Ashram is envisaged to have 3 units as part of it. A ‘Guru Bhavan’ serving as a spiritual center wherein Sadguru Jesus Christ is worshipped and followed as the Divine Master and Lord, is the first Unit of the Ashram. The Guru Bhavan trains ‘sadhaks’ and sends them out as misionaries of a New Creation.             
             The ‘Guru Bhavan’ was inaugurated and dedicated to God on 17th December 2003. A ‘Sneha Bhavan’ for poor children was started in 2004. It was handed over to Pune-based ‘Maher Trust’ headed by Sr. Lucy Kurien, in March 2009.
            Mary Mata Karunalayam, an old age home for women governed by the Congregation of Our Lady of Garden also functions in the Ashram campus on 90 cents of land gifted by the Ashram.           
           An old building in the 65 cents plot gifted by Ms. Prisca Vanissery is renovated and modified as 'Shanti Bhavan’.
         Dharma Bharathi Foundation (DBF) created and registered on 17th Nov 2001 by Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi at Hyderabad is the legal owner of Guru Bhavan.
             DBF is responsible to manage the Guru Bhavan and all its activities in Kerala. However, the Ashram and Foundation will be guided and supported by NIT whenever required and necessary.

Aim of Dharma Bharathi Ashram:
The aim of DBA is to promote an Indian face of the Christian faith without religious conversion and cultural alienation based on the Gospel of love and peace of Sadguru Jesus Christ.

The Vision of Dharma Bharathi Ashram:
A Spiritually awakened, morally regenerated, economically prosperous and politically strong 'Bharatiya Dharma Rajya'/'Dharma Bharathi'.

The Mission of Dharma Bharathi Ashram:
To promote an Indian face of the Christian faith by giving practical expressions to the 'Prabhu Parameshwar' theology, 'Sadguru' Christology, 'Dharma Rajya' missiology, 'Sahana Yoga' spirituality, 'Dharmodaya' philosophy, 'Tyagarchana' spiritual purification programme and 'Pancha Sutra' moral regeneration programme through Dharma Rajya Movement, a socio- spiritual Movement for the Kingdom of God in India.

The Basic Mission Methodology of DBA:
'Begin with self, Begin today & Begin small'

Motto of the Ashram:
'God in All - All in God'

Four-fold Nishta of the Ashram:
'Satya Nishta', 'Samaya Nishta', 'Shuddhi Nishta' & 'Karma Nishta'

Activities promoted by Dharma Bharathi Ashram :
Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Kochi

      The blessing of Dharma Bharathi Ashram on 17 Dec 2003

The visit of the Hon. Governor of Kerala, Shri. Arif Mohd. Khan to Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Kochi on 25 Sept 2019

‘Begin with self, begin today and begin small’