Navasrushti International Trust was founded by Acharya Guru Swami Sachidananda Bharathi and was registered on 8th September 2005 as the controlling organization for all regenerative movements initiated by him. It was registered in Kerala with a global coverage. The registered office of 'Navasrushti International Trust' is Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Mulanthuruthy, Kochi. Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Air Force Officer turned seeker of truth and promoter of peace. Membership of Navasrushti International is open to all peace loving people of good will above 18 years of age, from all over the world, who are in full agreement with the aims and objectives of the Trust.

          The shining sun at the center represents the Essential Truth which is the light that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul. The triangle represents the Trinitarian God of Spirit-Light-Love (Sat-Chit-Ananda). The blue circle represents the Godhead, the ‘One Supreme Spirit’ beyond names and forms, which is the ultimate Truth.

Contributions to NIT is subject to Incom Tax rebate, under section 80G of the IncomTax Act
Dharma Bharathi Sanyasa Parshad (DBSP)

         DBSP is a fully dedicated group of Sanyasis responsibly providing spiritual and moral leadership to Dharma Bharathi Ashrams, DBM, and the Second Freedom Struggle of India. They will together constitute a ‘Dharma Bharathi Sanyasa Parishad’ (DBSP).  ‘Enlightened spiritual leadership’ is an attribute of the divine spirit. The fifteen important principles of ‘enlightened spiritual leadership’ are:

1. Power through sacrifice
            Any meaningful social transformation begins with and results in a change in our mode of thinking. The new ideas need to penetrate into our lives. This will need sacrifice and surrender of many things that we hold dear to our hearts. This may also mean sacrificing our friendships, our security, and even taking a stand against established ideologies, religions and institutions. In this mission we will need the power and wisdom of God.. It is the grace of God that will sustain us and give us the strength to carry on with this mission. As we carry on being faithful in our mission, we are empowered to go beyond our own littleness and limitation. We can see this very clearly in Mahatma Gandhi, and other enlightened leaders who dedicated their lives to bring about meaningful changes in the world.

2. Creativity through suffering
            A deep and abiding love of God and fellow beings gives us the ability to transform suffering, failures and losses into a new source of power to reach our goal. This is the new creativity that is released in us by the Spirit that dwells within us. It is this inner force of creativity that enables us to ‘complete what is lacking in the Cross of Christ’ for the redemption of the world. One who has gained the ability to transform all suffering into new forms of creativity becomes invincible and irresistible. He/she will be a ‘Jeevan mukta’. All creativity is associated with certain amount of suffering. Giving birth to a child is  greatest form of creativity.  It also gives a great deal of pain to the mother.

3. Peace through communion

           Wearing the ‘armour of the Spirit’  we will have to battle against the ‘principalities and powers’ of the world. But we will have to replenish our resources and reinforce our spirit. For this we need to be in constant communion with the Divine Spirit. A deep communion with God gives the enlightened leaders an abiding peace that the world cannot give or take away from them. This peace gives the enlightened leaders the necessary direction and focus in their missions and  endeavours.

4. Freedom through transcendence

           Only a free person can be an instrument of peace and liberation in the world.  Freedom from attachments, freedom from fear, freedom from sinful forces and structures, and freedom from all kinds of bondages are required if we are to be effective agents of peace and liberation. The living spirit of Christ gives us this kind of freedom. Lord Jesus Christ gives us an inner freedom that releases us from our ties to people, things and attractions of this world. As we grow in our intimacy with Christ, we are able to transcend the world and its allurements. It is this transcendence that makes us truly free and effective.

5. Happiness through selfless service

            Loving service to the needy fellow beings makes us instruments of God to build the ‘Kingdom of God’ on earth. This will bring us joy and peace of heart. By serving others selflessly we are also serving God and ourselves. ‘Manava Seva Madhava Seva’ (service to humankind is service to God). The Spirit of God dwells within us. By serving people, we are serving the indwelling God. This awareness will bring us great happiness. The more selflessly we serve others, the more happiness we experience within.

6. Health through harmonious living

            Planet Earth is a living organism the health of which depends on the health of its various parts and the health of its various inhabitants.  Human beings as responsible elder brothers and sisters in the Earth family will have to live in harmony with all other  living beings. We are body-mind-spirit entities. These three constituent elements of our being will have to function in harmony. True health, holistic health, will depend on the health and harmony of these three integral constituents of our being. Vegetarian food, organic farming and renewable energy sources are also important requirements for harmonious living.

7. Wealth through relationships

           True wealth lies in the richness of our relationships.  The richness of our relationships with God and fellow humans, with other living beings, with the world of nature and with the whole material world are what make us really rich. The deeper our relationships, the richer we are.

8. Growth through single-minded endeavour

           True growth in our life, especially in our spiritual life, comes through the single-mindedness of our purpose and pursuit. The more focused we are, the greater shall be our growth. ‘Love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and your strength & and love your neighbour as you love yourself’ should be the first and foremost commandment of an enlightened leader. Growth in spirituality comes from a single-minded endeavour to love God and fellow human beings. The elightened leaders are partners with God in building the Kingdom of God on earth.

9. Give the best & Get the best

           Enlightened leaders  are called to do everything as worship offered to God upon the altar of  their. If we give the world the best we have out of our love for God and fellow beings, the best will surely come back to us.  This is the law of the Spirit. Quest for excellence is an expression of dynamic spirituality. It is also part of the Fundamental Duties of every Indian citizen as mentioned in the Constitution of India under Article 51(A) – j.

10. Keep well & Do well 
            The body is the temple of God, the mind is the mirror of God, and the spirit is the image of God. Hence keeping these three dimensions of our being well and healthy is of great importance if we are to fulfill our destined role in this world. The ‘Wellness Industry’ has great potentials in the present world where people are suffering from all kinds of sicknesses and health problems. One can render useful service to the nation and to the human race at large only by keeping oneself well. Only if we are healthy can we do well.
11. Trust & Entrust

Trusting others is a part and extension of trusting and respecting oneself. Most of us are not able to trust others because we know our own hypocrisy and we don’t trust or respect ourselves. India has lived under foreign rule for long and has developed a ‘subject mentality’ which also promotes a ‘culture of suspicion’. Indian Bureaucracy and Judicial systems function mostly based on this culture of suspicion. This is opposed to spirituality. India has lost much of her spiritual vitality because of this culture of suspicion. In spiritual life to trust and be cheated is better than not being able to trust at all. Decentralisation and delegation of authority and responsibility are essential requirements of enlightened leadership. Without decentralization the dignity of the human person and of human labour cannot be ensured. Hence ‘trust and entrust’ is also an urgent requirement for national regeneration and reconstruction of India.

12. Grow & Help grow

           Life is a process and a pilgrimage. ‘Change’ is the sign and characteristics of a dynamic and creative life. For an intelligent and spiritually discerning person every change leads to spiritual growth. Every crisis has hidden within it certain seeds of opportunities. To understand this truth and use it for one’s own growth and to help the growth of others is part of our spiritual quest. Words and actions that do not contribute to one’s own and other’s spiritual growth are to be avoided as sheer waste of precious time.

13. Risk & Rise

           Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without taking calculated risks. Every worthwhile achievement requires certain amount of risk-taking. Fear is something that holds us back. Fear is a negative and destructive quality that needs to be overcome by every spiritual aspirant. Sadguru Jesus Christ was always urging his disciples ‘not to be afraid’. Freedom from fear of failure, freedom from fear of loss, freedom from fear of loneliness, freedom from fear of suffering and freedom from fear of death are the five important freedoms that every enlightened leader has to seek and receive from the living Spirit of Christ. Only a free person can lead others to freedom. Only a person who is not afraid alone can take risks and rise to greater heights of achievement and excellence.

14. Share & Care

           Enlightened spiritual leaders are promoters of the ‘Kingdom of God’ on earth. They are called to share their knowledge and resources with others and care for them with love. This can be done best when the basic motivation behind our words and actions is love of God and love of fellow beings.

15. Respond & Report

           An enlightened spiritual leader is one who responds to situations and crises without delay and excuses with absolute faith in divine grace to him/her on. He/she also responds to pressures and demands with equanimity. Enlightened spiritual leaders are always ready with report of the work done by them, account of resources utilized, future plan of action etc. They are transparent, responsible and accountable. They keep all concerned informed about important developments.

‘Begin with self, begin today and begin small’