Navasrushti International Trust was founded by Acharya Guru Swami Sachidananda Bharathi and was registered on 8th September 2005 as the controlling organization for all regenerative movements initiated by him. It was registered in Kerala with a global coverage. The registered office of 'Navasrushti International Trust' is Dharma Bharathi Ashram, Mulanthuruthy, Kochi. Swami Sachidananda Bharathi is an Air Force Officer turned seeker of truth and promoter of peace. Membership of Navasrushti International is open to all peace loving people of good will above 18 years of age, from all over the world, who are in full agreement with the aims and objectives of the Trust.

          The shining sun at the center represents the Essential Truth which is the light that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul. The triangle represents the Trinitarian God of Spirit-Light-Love (Sat-Chit-Ananda). The blue circle represents the Godhead, the ‘One Supreme Spirit’ beyond names and forms, which is the ultimate Truth.

Contributions to NIT is subject to Incom Tax rebate, under section 80G of the IncomTax Act
Kerala Integral Renaissance Action Forum (KIRAF)


KIRAF is an inter-religious organisation responsible to promote the Kerala Integral Renaissance Movement initiated on 16th August 2019. It aims to promote the spiritual, political, economic, educational and ecological renaissances of Kerala. The book SAMAGRA NAVOTHANA MAHAYAJNAM authored by Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi is the mission manual of KIRAF.

The five-pronged LOGO of Kerala Integral Renaissance Action Forum (KIRAF) represents the Spiritual, Political, Economic, Educational and Ecological Renaissances that are autonomous, yet dynamically related to one another in the Kerala Integral Renaissance Movement.

Within the LOGO of KIRAF is the LOGO of Navasrushti Kerala Mission (NKM) which is a Special Interreligious Mission created by Navasrushti International Trust (NIT) to provide dedicated service to the Kerala Integral Renaissance Movement in order to make it a pilot project of the 'Commitment to Global Peace' signed at the United Nations by the religious and spiritual leaders of the world in August 2000 during the Millennium World Peace Summit for the realization of which NIT was registered in 2005.

'Begin with self, Begin today and Begin small' which is the Motto of NIT is also the Motto of NKM and KIRAF.

The LOGO also depicts the vision of the one true God promoted by KIRAF and NKM as the Divine Ligit that shines on all humankind and enlightens every human soul (represented by the shining sun at the center), as the Divine Love that is ever forgiving, enduring, and self-sacrificing (represented by the red triangle at the center) and as the Divine Spirit that is the source of all being and ground of all existence (represented by the blue circle at the center). This is the vision of the one true God shared by Hinduism, Christianity, Islam & Sikhism (represented by the Symbols of these four religions) as experienced and taught by the founder of Dharma Bharathi Ashram & Navasrushti International Trust who has lived-life experiences of the truth, goodness and beauty of these four world religions.

Advisory Conncil of KIRAF:
President:- Ambassador K P Fabian, IFS (Retd.)
Vice President:-Senior Adv. M R Rajendran Nair
(1) Spiritual Renaissance - Swami Bodhendra Tirtha
(2)Political Renaissance - Adv. John Joseph
(3)Economic Renaissance - CA Abdul Raheem, FCA
(4) Educational Renaissance - Dr. Joselet Mathew
(5)Ecological Renaissance - Swami Gurushree.

‘Begin with self, begin today and begin small’